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Hot Wallet
Usage: To meet deposit and withdrawal needs
A hot wallet refers to a cryptocurrency wallet where the private keys are stored on a device connected to the internet, which makes crypto readily accessible.
CoinEx prioritizes both asset security and convenience. Our security team implements comprehensive practices, such as multi-location backups, multi-signature protocols, and routine safety checks to protect your assets, meanwhile providing you with a seamless user experience and access.
Hot Wallet Design Concepts
Multi-Signature Protocols
Trusted Execution Environments
Independent Infrastructure
Physical Separation, Improving Data and System Security
Real-Time Monitoring of Abnormal Transfers, Deposit and Withdrawals
Automated Alert System
Multi-Location Backups, Raising System Disaster Tolerance and Security
Cold Wallet
Usage: To store the vast majority of user assets, improving the overall asset security
A cold wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet where the private keys are stored on an offline device. Contrary to hot wallets, cold wallets keep your crypto offline by isolating private keys from the internet, thus providing higher security protections.
Our technical team has implemented multidimensional safeguards of automated monitoring, early alert systems, and physical access restrictions, taking our cold storage to the next level, and guaranteeing the utmost protection for your assets.
Cold Wallet Design Concepts
Proprietary Cold Storage System
Offline Private Keys, Improving Risk Resistance
Multi-Signature Protocols
Real-Time Monitoring of Abnormal Transfers, Deposit and Withdrawals
Strict Whitelisting, Preventing Accidental Risks
Dedicated Hardware Authentication
Shield Fund
CoinEx Shield Fund - Shielding your assets
At CoinEx, your security is our top priority. We go above and beyond to safeguard your assets.
CoinEx Shield Fund is funded by allocating 10% of all trading fees into a dedicated pool specifically reserved for asset protection, aiming at protecting the integrity of user assets when uncontrollable risk events occur.
The Shield Fund provides an additional level of reassurance, on top of our robust security infrastructure, and it allows you to trade with confidence, knowing your assets are shielded from risk.
Your reassurance is our duty.
Security Partnerships
CoinEx partners with industry-leading security companies to construct an impenetrable fortress of defense
CoinEx has teamed up with leading cybersecurity firm SlowMist in a strategic partnership to construct an impenetrable fortress defending crypto trading. This strategic alliance involves sharing threat intelligence, tracking money laundering, tracing assets, and bolstering CoinEx's security capabilities. In the future, we will continue to strengthen security cooperation.
With SlowMist's professional capabilities and extensive experience in cybersecurity, CoinEx will comprehensively upgrade defenses to shield user assets and interests.
We will keep integrating top security resources to ensure user rights. For security, we never relax.
Along with our strategic partners, we aim to build the most reliable and secure crypto trading environment and contribute to evolving Web3.
Expert Security Team
CoinEx assembles a top-tier security team to engineer the strongest protections
CoinEx's security team utilizes advanced technology and principles to guarantee platform security and trustworthiness, fostering user confidence.
We are also continuously strengthening our internal security ranks to make protections even more powerful.
CoinEx is recruiting experienced security experts across the industry to construct an elite, highly effective security force. All passionate cybersecurity and blockchain security professionals are welcome to join us.
In addition, CoinEx has established a Security Committee to make cutting-edge security strategies, conduct strict security monitoring and risk assessments, and swiftly tackle any potential threats.
By continuously optimizing our internal security brigade, CoinEx provides a safer, more reliable trading environment, leveraging professional security technology to fully and dependably safeguard user assets.