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Proof of Reserve
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100% Reserve has been the bottom line of CoinEx
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Latest reserve rate on CoinEx
Coin Total Assets (On-chain) Total Assets (In-site) Reserve rate
Remarks: ETH on-chain assets include CoinEx's cold and hot wallet assets as well as on-chain staking assets. The validator address for on-chain staking will be disclosed within the wallet audit address.
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How to prove Reserves
In centralized trading platforms, user assets are often recorded via the ledger in the database, and how to prove the reserve fund has become a difficult issue. In CoinEx, we use the "Merkle Tree" as an audit method to prove that the platform maintains a 100% reserve rate. This audit methodology requires three key steps for verification:
1. CoinEx uses "Merkle Tree" as a data structure to encrypt user assets and publish the total assets of all users at the same time.
2. CoinEx displays the total assets of all on-chain wallet addresses and wallets held by the platform.
3. By comparing the total assets of all users with the total assets of all on-chain addresses on CoinEx, users can verify the asset reserve rate of CoinEx.
When the total on-chain assets on CoinEx are greater than or equal to the total assets of the user, it proves that CoinEx maintains a 100% reserve rate.
Note: Uncovered assets before the snapshot and asset transactions after the snapshot will not be included in the audition.