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CoinEx VIP
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You only need 2000 CET to become CoinEx VIP
Friendly entry plus great benefits, enjoy multiple VIP exclusives
About VIP Level
CET Balance (CET)
Total Asset Value (USD)
30-Day Spot Trading Volume (USD)
30-Day Futures Trading Volume (USD)
VIP Rate Discount
Enjoy the double discount of VIP rate and CET deduction at the same time!
Spot Rate
Spot Rate (CET Deduction)
Futures Rate
1. All VIP levels are automatically updated on CoinEx at 1:00 (UTC) daily.
2. If your CET balances are bound with an off-site address, the amount of CET held by the off-site address will be included in the calculation.
3. VIP fees discount is applicable on top of discount using CET as fees.
4. After your VIP level takes effect, you can enjoy transaction rate discounts. Please see "VIP Discount" for more details.
VIP Exclusive
Random promotions all year long with special gifts!
Referral Ratio Upgrade
Up to 40% Referral >
Free Airdrop
Win Limited Bonus >
Ticket Priority
Faster Response
VIP Manager
VIP5 Exclusive
Customized Gifts
VIP5 Exclusive
Exclusive Birthday Gift
VIP5 Exclusive
Offline Event/Salon
VIP5 Exclusive
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