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Bitcoin Halving:
Less is More
Bitcoin has experienced three halving events since its inception. In April 2024, Bitcoin is expected to see its fourth halving at block height 840,000.
Time of the Fourth BTC Halving
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Halving 101
What is Halving?
Halving is a fixed event in Bitcoin, occurring approximately every four years when miners mine 210,000 blocks. During each halving, the block reward is reduced by 50%. This process continues until the total supply of BTC reaches 21 million.
Why is Bitcoin Halved?
Halving reduces the supply rate of Bitcoin, effectively controlling inflation and giving BTC a scarcity that favors the sustainability of its network and value.
Why Does Bitcoin Halving Matter?
Historically, Bitcoin prices have drastically fluctuated before and after halving. This fluctuation heavily impacts not only the prices of cryptocurrencies but also investors' mindset, making it an important event in the crypto world.
Bitcoin Halving and Market Trend
The mining reward of Bitcoin undergoes halving approximately every four years. Each halving has historically resulted in varying degrees of price increases. Here is how much Bitcoin prices increased following the first three halvings:
The first halving on Nov 28, 2012 saw Bitcoin's price at around 12 USD on the day of the halving. Following the first halving, there were two significant price surges:
  • Apr 2013: The price of Bitcoin rose from 12 USD to 288 USD, increased by 2300%
  • Nov 2013: The price of Bitcoin rose from 66 USD to 1,242 USD, increased by 1782%
The second halving on Jul 10, 2016 saw Bitcoin's price at around 660 USD on the day of the halving. There was one significant price surge leading up to the third halving:
  • Dec 2017: The price of Bitcoin rose from 648 USD to 19,800 USD, increased by 4158%
The third halving on May 12, 2020 saw Bitcoin's price at around 8,600 USD on the day of the halving. There were two significant price surges leading up to the fourth halving:
  • Apr 2021: The price of Bitcoin rose from 8,181 USD to 64,895 USD, increased by 693%
  • Nov 2021: The price of Bitcoin rose from 29,296 USD to 69,000 USD, increased by 135%
Current BTC Price:
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