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Crypto Slangs Acronym: GM, NGMI, WAGMI Meaning

2023-11-01 07:46:39

What Are Crypto Slangs?

For those who are new to the realm of cryptocurrencies, it can be disheartening to come across unfamiliar terms and abbreviations used by enthusiasts, investors, and traders. The usage of cryptocurrency slang phrases like WAGMI (We're All Gonna Make It), NGMI (Not Going to Make It), and GM (Good Morning) is quite common within crypto communities, which can further confuse individuals who are just starting. These colloquialisms possess a certain allure and are often admired within the realm of technology. In essence, crypto slangs encompass phrases or acronyms exclusive to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders, fostering a sense of identity and camaraderie within the community.

In this article, we will delve into the prevailing slangs (WAGMI, NGMI, and GM) utilized within the contemporary Web3 and cryptocurrency world.

GM, NGMI, WAGMI meaning

What Is WAGMI Meaning in Crypto?

"WAGMI," an abbreviation for "We're all gonna make it" or "We are gonna make it," is an optimistic slang term commonly employed by cryptocurrency investors who aspire to achieve financial success through their crypto investments. Its primary purpose is to instill confidence and foster a positive mindset among investors, urging them to maintain optimism and persevere in their chosen projects. The acronym WAGMI holds significant prominence within cryptocurrency communities and is frequently used across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and particularly within the NFT community.

Crypto investors often employ the term WAGMI to uplift their fellow investors when a cryptocurrency project they have invested in shares positive updates that indicate forthcoming adoption. This term finds usage in project-related posts or within the comment sections, creating a supportive atmosphere. On Twitter, the hashtag #WAGMI is commonly utilized to express solidarity for both the project and its community members. Additionally, phrases such as GMI (Going to make it) and YGMI (You're going to make it) serve the same purpose and carry similar connotations as WAGMI.


  • "Though it's in a bear market, there are more and more innovative products. Be smarter in investing, I believe WAGMI."
  • "We are in the early phases and there is a lot happening on this track. WAGMI, bro. "
#WAGMI on Twitter

What Is NGMI Meaning?

"NGMI" is an abbreviation for "Not gonna make it." This slang term reflects a pessimistic sentiment commonly expressed by cryptocurrency investors who have grown disillusioned with a particular project or the cryptocurrency space as a whole. It signifies a lack of confidence in the potential for financial success or wealth accumulation through investments in such projects. Within the realm of NFTs, specifically in platforms like NFT Twitter or NFT-centric Discord groups, the hashtag #NGMI is frequently employed to convey this negative outlook.

The acronym NGMI represents an opposing sentiment to WAGMI. This expression arises when negative information concerning invested projects triggers panic within the community. Crypto investors employ the term NGMI in posts related to the project or as replies in the comment section to signify a sense of "lost hope." This typically occurs when a crypto project in which they have invested experiences a rug-pull or exhibits signs of regression. This sentiment often arises following a prolonged bearish market movement, leading investors to lose confidence in the cryptocurrency project and acknowledge their financial losses. Additionally, investors may use NGMI in a self-ironic manner to acknowledge and reflect upon their own poor decisions.


  • "I’m so bearish on NFTs right now, if you’re not taking profits you’re NGMI. "
#NGMI on Twitter

What Does GM Mean in Crypto?

"GM" is a commonly used abbreviation for "Good Morning" within the crypto community. It serves as an acronym employed to greet others and foster a positive atmosphere. This slang term finds frequent usage on social platforms such as Twitter, Telegram chats, and Discord groups, particularly within the crypto community. As members of the global crypto community, individuals often address one another as "GMs," signifying a sense of unity and camaraderie.

On Twitter, members of the cryptocurrency trading, investing, and enthusiast community initiate their day by sharing a GM tweet, which is promptly reciprocated by their followers. The GM tweet serves as a unifying gesture, irrespective of the actual time, fostering a sense of harmony among crypto enthusiasts and facilitating conversations about various crypto-related topics. This customary greeting holds particular significance for Web3 enthusiasts on social media platforms. Additionally, it is sometimes employed as a promotional tool for specific NFT projects, encouraging recipients to respond with a GM message, tag friends, and showcase their own NFT creations.


  • "Gm my friends. Have a nice Monday."
  • "GM @0xPolygon, happy Monday! Say it back & drop your Discord ID" 
#GM on Twitter


The cryptocurrency world is full of technical jargon, slang, and acronyms; as the cryptocurrency space continues to evolve, new slang and expressions are constantly emerging. Cryptocurrency slang serves as a prevalent means of communication among investors, enthusiasts, and traders within cryptocurrency communities. Acquiring knowledge of popular crypto slang fosters a sense of inclusion, enhances comprehension of cryptocurrency news and developments, and facilitates effective communication within the community.

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