Crypto Loans
  • High LTV
  • Instant arrival
  • Borrow and repay at anytime

About Crypto Loans

CoinEx Crypto Loans refers to using one or more crypto assets as collaterals to borrow other crypto assets. The borrowed asset can be used for trading, investing in financial management, and obtaining higher returns, or you can also withdraw and use the assets.

How to Borrow Cryptos
  • Add Collateral

  • Receive Loan

  • Repay Loan

  • Receive Collateral

Loanable Coins
Daily Interest
Collateral Available
Discount rate
Initial LTV

For example, the discount rate of BTC is 100%, and the initial LTV (Loan-to-Value Ratio) is 70%; To borrow USDT with $100 USDT worth of BTC collateral, then: Effective collateral value of BTC = 100 * 90% = 90 USDT; Maximum loan = 90 * 70% = 63 USDT.

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  • Q5. What happens if my current LTV (Loan-to-Value Ratio) is too high?